Bindura Magistrate Blocks CCC Campaign Launch Rally

Agency Gumbo, a lawyer and CCC official, told the media that it was now time for the regional and international community to step in as the electoral playing field was uneven and favouring Zanu PF and its candidates.

“We are at the World Cup, but all our feet are being tied. Instead of being on the ground campaigning, we are in court making arguments while our opponents are campaigning,” Gumbo said.

“This is the time for the region and the international community to take notice.”

As scores of CCC supporters gathered outside the court singing and dancing, Zanu PF was holding a over-subscribed music show in Chipadze at an open space without police interference. Addressing the court, CCC lawyer Jeremiah Bamu said that the decision by the police to ban the rally was unreasonable and unconstitutional.

“My clients fielded councillors, 210 legislators and a presidential candidate and have a constitutional right to reach the electorate in all the villages and constituencies within 14 days,” Bamu said.

“Upholding the ban will deny the CCC a chance to reach the electorate and this is unreasonable and unconstitutional.”

The police argued that CCC failed to comply with the law by giving notice outside the agreed timeframe, adding that CCC had given the police two and a half days’ notice instead of three.

Msika dismissed the submission saying the CCC had complied with the law, but failed to allow the police five days to come up with a resolution on issues of security threats that may arise.

On another note, heavily armed police were deployed in Chipadze, Bindura, on Saturday evening and forced bars and shops to close ahead of what would have been the CCC campaign launch in Bindura.

Roadblocks were mounted on all roads leading to and out of the town, with police frisking cars and their occupants. NewsDay

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