Sunday , March 7 2021
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Lockdown deepens mental health crisis

While other citizens and businesses operating in the informal sector spend hours on any given day running battles with law enforcement for violating lockdown regulations – there are some that simply break down.They cannot cope.In Zimbabwe, lockdowns come with a lot of financial strain to an already socio-economically burdened populace, …

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Cultural erosion depletes family cohesion

John Mbiti’s popular maxim “I am because we are, we are therefore I am” – which is an interpretation of Ubuntu – speaks to what is happening in Zimbabwe right now.Ubuntu is a worldview, a way of life shared by most Bantu speaking people, mostly Africans living south of Sahara.It …

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Well done Tsitsi Dangarembga

It has been a tough 2020 for many Zimbabweans, who have had to contend with a harsh economy, human rights abuses and arbitrary arrests.And to compound the troubles – along came a ravaging coronavirus pandemic.Through the commitment of such people as Tsitsi Dangarembga, to the upholding of universal human rights …

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I’m an O.G yellow bone: Pokello lashes

Personality, Pokello Nare is fed up of people labelling her a fake yellow bone such that she has gone the extra mile of posting her images when she was a child to prove that she does not bleach. No month passes by without Pokello, a former Big Brother Africa housemate …

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The rise and transformation of Sandy

FIVE years ago, Sandra Ndebele stood on the steps of the Large City Hall in Bulawayo to give an interview to a handful of journalists that had gathered. A cool March evening, with a slight breeze that warned of closer times ahead, was the perfect setting for the launch of …

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