Chamisa Condemns Mnangagwa Over Alleged Chivayo Deal Involvement

Nelson Chamisa, former leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and opposition figure in Zimbabwe, criticized President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration for their association with controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

This comes in light of leaked audio suggesting Chivayo’s involvement in a contentious Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) tender worth US$40 million for electoral materials.

Chamisa, who challenged Mnangagwa in the 2023 presidential elections and disputed the results, expressed concern over the integrity of the electoral process. He accused Mnangagwa’s government of governance collapse and corruption, citing Chivayo’s alleged dealings with government officials.

In a statement circulated widely on various platforms, Chamisa condemned what he termed “political conmen” benefiting from irregular electoral processes. He highlighted issues of electoral malpractice and the undermining of democratic principles, calling for accountability and transparency in Zimbabwe’s electoral management. CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi echoed Chamisa’s sentiments, labeling the tender award as criminal and demanding fresh elections.

Meanwhile, MDC spokesperson Chengetai Guta emphasized the need for transparency within Zec, underscoring constitutional obligations for public accountability. Legal and advocacy officer Takunda Tsunga from the Election Resource Centre raised concerns about potential misconduct by Zec officials, urging the commission to address allegations promptly to restore credibility.

Former legislator Fadzayi Mahere criticized Mnangagwa’s recent legislative move granting exemptions from public tender procedures, suggesting it benefits individuals like Chivayo. Chivayo, denying the authenticity of the audio recording, apologized to implicated parties, including Mnangagwa and Zec officials.

However, Zanu PF youths expressed dissatisfaction, calling for an investigation into Chivayo’s alleged exploitation of his relationship with the President. The unfolding scandal underscores ongoing tensions and allegations of corruption within Zimbabwe’s political and electoral spheres, prompting renewed calls for accountability and electoral reforms. *Nhau/Indaba*

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