Govt Warns Against Political Unrest & Anarchy

In a stern warning issued in Harare, Acting Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Dr Jenfan Muswere cautioned against orchestrated attempts by political entities and civil society organizations to incite anarchy and despair within the country.

Dr Muswere highlighted that the government has identified efforts by certain opposition figures, politicians, and civil society groups to create unrest, attributing these actions to their pursuit of attention and funding to revive their political fortunes through undermining public order.

“We warn those involved in subversive activities aimed at destabilizing the rule of law that their actions will not go unpunished,” Dr Muswere declared. He assured that law enforcement agencies were prepared and vigilant to apprehend individuals promoting lawlessness.

The minister emphasized that security forces possessed the necessary capabilities to uphold law and order as mandated by the constitution. He pointed out documented instances where opposition groups have historically attempted to sow discord ahead of international events like the United Nations General Assembly and African Union summits.

President Mnangagwa, speaking at the Zanu-PF Central Committee session, echoed these sentiments, vowing firm action against any attempts to disrupt national peace. He emphasized the government’s commitment to safeguarding tranquility and enhancing citizens’ quality of life.

“Law enforcement agencies remain on high alert,” President Mnangagwa affirmed, urging vigilance among party structures to protect national interests from destabilizing forces.

As tensions remain heightened, the government’s stance underscores its determination to maintain stability amid perceived threats from internal dissent and external pressures surrounding upcoming international engagements.

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