Human Rights Violations Decline, Zanu PF Leads Perpetrator List

In its latest monthly report, the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) highlighted a decrease in human rights violations from 145 cases in April to 132 in May. Zanu PF accounted for 61.83% of these incidents, primarily involving partisan distribution of aid and inputs, as well as assault, harassment, and intimidation.

The violations spanned various rights, including equality, non-discrimination, unlawful detention, theft, displacement, and property damage.

Particularly noted were violations during public hearings on the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill held nationwide from May 13 to 17.

Masvingo recorded the highest violations at 22 cases, followed closely by Midlands and Harare with 20 each. Manicaland reported 19 cases, Mashonaland West 17, Mashonaland Central 12, and Mashonaland East 11. Bulawayo documented 5 cases, while both Matabeleland North and South recorded 3 cases each.

According to the report, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and municipal police contributed 13.36% and 9.54% of the violations respectively. State security officials and the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) were also identified as perpetrators, each at 0.76%.

The report highlighted that 87% of the victims were ordinary citizens, with CCC affiliates comprising 8.79% and informal traders 3.49%. Victims aligned with Nelson Chamisa’s party constituted 0.65%, while those affiliated with Zanu PF made up 0.07%.

Of the victims, 41.25% were female and 58.75% male. ZPP urged relevant authorities, including the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and law enforcement, to thoroughly investigate these cases and ensure justice for the victims.

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