Juveniles Who Assaulted, Insterted 3 Sticks Into Victim’s Private Parts Have Been Arrested and Released: ZRP

By Judith Matanire

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have swiftly responded to a disturbing viral video circulating on social media platforms, depicting a group of female suspects assaulting a helpless female victim.

In an update posted on the ZRP’s official X handle on 10th July 2024, the authorities confirmed the arrest of five individuals in connection with the violent incident.

The suspects have been identified as Vimbai Mike, aged 19, Rudo Manjere, aged 17, Lilly Rose Munyoro, aged 16, and Lilian Chido Munyoro, aged 17 and Sandra Vhumbunu. The arrests were made on the same day as the video surfaced.

However, four of the suspects, who are juveniles, were released into the custody of their parents awaiting court appearance.

The distressing video, which has sparked outrage and condemnation across social media platforms, shows the female victim being subjected to a brutal assault by the group of suspects. The footage captures the victim being punched, kicked, and verbally abused by the perpetrators, who show no mercy or remorse for their actions.

They are seen insterting three sticks into the victim’s private parts until she passed out.

The harrowing scenes in the video have drawn widespread attention from the public, with many expressing shock and dismay at the viciousness of the attack. The victim’s cries for help and pleas for mercy are met with further aggression from the suspects, painting a grim picture of the ordeal she endured at their hands.

The ZRP has assured the public that the investigation into the incident is ongoing, and the suspects will face the full force of the law for their alleged involvement in the assault. The authorities have urged members of the public to refrain from sharing or spreading the video further, as it may cause additional harm to the victim and her family.

The ZRP remains committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of all citizens, sending a clear message that acts of violence will not be tolerated in Zimbabwe. Nhau/Indaba

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