Thursday , May 6 2021
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Musician Speaks On Online Revenue

Swedish based musician and cultural ambassador Makandire Chezhira Chikutu a.k.a ManLuckerz has called on entertainment stakeholders to educate artistes on how they can benefit from online music platforms. This comes at a time when many local musicians are distributing their music online with little or no revenue. Enterprising individuals have …

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Prophet Goes Berserk After Praying In Sacred Jeta Mountain

Bindura’s Johanne Masowe WeChishanu prophet and leader Madzibaba Rakeni Gumbira of Chiwaridzo has gone insane after leading his congregants in a three day prayer session on top of the prohibited and sacred Jeta mountain. The sacred mountain is located in Masembura communal lands at Manhenga. Nhau/Indaba had the chance to …

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Fight Or Surrender: The Plight Of The Young In Zimbabwe

As the Zimbabwean crisis deepens, many in the media and academic fraternity castigate their countrymen as docile, unable to resolve their perennial economic woes due to a reluctance to speak out against corruption and State Capture. Young people have been on the receiving end of these aspersions. There is much …

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