Olivia Charamba sings into Sierra Leone

THE National Christian Organisation of Sierra Leone has adopted top gospel musician Olivia Charamba
News Bulletin, for its theme song in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

The News Bulletin video that had over 103 000 views and 2 200 likes on YouTube by end of April was released about two months ago.

Mai Charamba — as the musician is popularly known among her adoring fans — con rmed the developments to NewsDay Life & Style last week, saying she felt honoured by the development.

She said she was humbled and glad that the song was having a great impact internationally.

“I thank God because it is not only this video, but we have other songs like Africa Restore Identity and Manger, to mention a few, that are making an impact regionally including in countries like Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa,” she said.

Mai Charamba said News Bulletin Mai Charamba said News Bulletin was inspired by the last days according
to the biblical calendar.

“The song News Bulletin implores people to be ready for the second coming of the Lord. The Bible says no one knows the day or hour Jesus Christ is coming, so one needs to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour so that when He comes, they won’t be left behind, and those who are already Christians should also check themselves to be ready for this day,” she said.

“The news became one of the greatest gifts we got as a family and it came timely. It is not everyday
when a song gets to be of national service in another country like that,” he said.

Charamba said he was not able to celebrate his birthday this year as per tradition because of the
gathering embargo necessitated by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Traditionally I celebrate my birthday in a dual manner at home with my family and with a particular
section of our music followers who have grown to be a family with us. We have a culture of organising a corporate gathering to celebrate the day over the years,” he said.

“I, however, thank God for the congratulatory messages that came from across the globe. Days after the 27th of April, I am still responding to messages sent to me through my internet platforms. The volumes are impressively
overwhelming. Astounding indeed.”

Charamba said on the day, some fans drew pictures of cakes while others sent him prayers and wishes, which he valued.

“Mai Charamba and our daughters backed a cake for me using ingredients that were available since the lockdown hindered her from sourcing everything she would have liked to use. My wife and I took time to pray with some individuals who had sent prayer requests to us, and incidentally all the requests were coming from families that wanted their households to be cemented by God,” he said.

“We were humbled to pray with them online. I took time to thank God for granting me life and to continue
guiding me.”

Reputed as the country’s rst family of gospel music, the Charambas have been a beacon of morality and have
inspired a lot of talent across genres as role models.

Their brand has continued to attract the corporate world, winning them goodwill ambassadorial duties and
board membership as well as music lectureship and mentorship programmes.

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