Motoring With Tawanda Matanhire: Rebates For Civil Servants

After a busy week addressing inquiries directed to my inbox about vehicle rebates, today’s focus is on the package for civil servants. Most civil service workers are curious about how they are supposed to benefit from rebates. Civil servants should not shy away from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) offices …

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Motoring With Tawanda Matanhire

By Tawanda MatanhireHope your ride is now more enjoyable, and you are now equipped with a better understanding on vehicle maintenance. My last articles were laden with tips on how best to achieve this. The feed back has been phenomenal, giving a picture that many people out there are benefitting …

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Motoring with Tawanda Matanhire

Tawanda Matanhire Cars are never meant to be a headache, rather they should be a source of comfort, an asset and provide you with the convenience you require. Ironically, first time car buyers and even some experienced ones, seldom enjoy the ride, asset status or even get value for money. …

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