Monday , April 12 2021
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Sanctions Will Lead To A One-Party State For Zimbabwe: Zanu PF

Zanu-PF Director for Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi has said that as long as Zimbabwe remains under sanctions it will become a one party State, as these have hardened the ruling party in retaining and consolidating power.

Mugwadi’s statement comes barely a few days after senior MDC-Alliance officials Lillian Timveos and Blessing Chebundo defected from Nelson Chamisa’s opposition party to become Zanu PF members.

“Sanctions have actually hardened us. The Party is now tried and tested. We have now mastered the art of retaining power and consolidating it. As long as sanctions are there, Zimbabwe will soon become a one Party State. People like Chamisa will be taken like rebel leaders and it won’t end well,” he said.

Zanu-PF national commissar Victor Matemadanda earlier this week told the media that Zanu PF was targeting over five million votes in 2023 and was going to incorporate politicians from Chamisa’s inner circles in the ruling party’s ambitious programme.

“I am in Bulawayo as I speak to you. I have had meetings with high-profile people from MDC Alliance who are joining Zanu PF very soon and in about a week or two, we are unveiling more bigwigs while others continue to bark,” said Matemadanda.

“They are seeing the light and the light is in Zanu PF. We are not there to make noise or lies, but to make the country move forward and achieve our five million vote target. At that rate, we will probably reach 2023 with only five people or no one from the MDC Alliance.

“We are mobilising people even from MDC Alliance and all their formations, Mthwakazi and other parties. If we can talk to a person from any party to come to Zanu PF, we can surely not fail to talk to a Zanu PF person who was once G40 to join us. But we expect that person to get the correct orientation,”he said. Nhau/Indaba

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