Top 5 Digital Education Platforms and Tools to Use in 2020

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Top 5 Digital Education Platforms and Tools to Use in 2020

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Nowadays, students are using online platforms to gain more knowledge about a specific topic. Such education-related tools have distinctive features that work to help a learner regardless of their academic level or where they are studying from to accomplish a variety of challenging tasks.

Technology continues to facilitate a new era of learning, whereby students have an equal opportunity to extend studying beyond a classroom. As a result, online learning platforms have become so popular such that in 2017 alone, over 6 million students enrolled in distance or online education courses.

So whether you want to quickly update your knowledge on a specific niche or learn a new concept, there is no shortage of digital education tools that students can fully exploit. Listed below are five online learning platforms and tools that you can use to gain insight on a specific topic or assignment.

Tired of using online dictionaries to understand difficult words? Have other translation apps and tools failed you? Readlang is a simple digital tool that allows users to translate any text. For international students who wish to study in English speaking countries, there is a need to grasp all the rules of writing quickly.

Some learners might opt to use UK essays to understand the rules of grammar better and to enhance their writing skills while others enroll for online courses in language skills. While these two options are all effective, Readlag is ideal for scholars who want to know a certain level of English within a limited period.

The tool makes reading English simple. Since it accepts Chrome plugin, you can install it on your favorite browser and use the tool to translate any text or word from any web page.


UdemyWant to learn from experts in your discipline? Udemy is an eLearning platform with a wide range of experts on every subject matter. The online learning platform is ideal for employees who want to upgrade their skills or add a new one to their resume and for students to gain knowledge and skills that are applicable in the workplace.

The platform has more than 24 million registered students and comes in handy, especially since recent research shows that by the time a #56fa51012baa“>student graduates, the skills and topics they learned are outdated. However, with Udemy, you get to learn any material that adds value to your education and career.

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If you are fascinated by TED talks and prefer to learn a subject matter through videos, then TED-Ed is a great learning resource for students.

What makes this online education platform unique is because it has a wide collection of lesson plans, each structured around a specific assignment and has questions to test the users understanding of the uploaded content.

Furthermore, after a student enrolls for a particular course, the creator or instructor can view individual responses and measure the progress of the set learning objectives. Both traditional and nontraditional students tend to reap immense benefits from eLearning offered on various credible digital platforms such as TED-Ed.

WizIQThis is an online learning tool that delivers live webinars. With WizIQ, students can search for an expert in a specific field of study and seek help on education-related questions.

By selecting a particular instructor, you get access to their content library, which contains exams, teaching videos and various learning presentations. WizIQ makes remote learning easy as courses are delivered in real-time and recorded lecturers. Instructors can also send out tests and track a student’s performance.

Decebo is a digital tool that promotes collaboration. Students ask questions, and an expert in that subject provides answers. Through the platform, learners are able to share knowledge which is passed on across teams.

Besides, both formal and informal online courses are distributed to students who want to upgrade their expertise in certain areas. The online learning platform is accessed in 40 languages which means that scholars from anywhere in the world can consume content in a way that makes it easier to comprehend.

Students can exploit the available learning platforms and tools to study at their own pace, choose courses that are appropriate to them and for their level. The benefits that such materials provide often encourages one to make use of the available resources to enhance their understanding of specific knowledge and skill. So a learner just needs to pick a few of the readily available digital education tools and exploit the material to help meet a particular need at that time.

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