Bosso join in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

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Bosso join in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

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HIGHLANDERS Football Club are set to join in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by raising funds to acquire material to help combat the ravaging pandemic.

By yesterday afternoon Zimbabwe had recorded three deaths from the coronavirus with 14 confirmed and over 500 tests made.

While other clubs are waiting and wondering about the fate of the 2020 season Bosso, have decided to join in the fight, particularly to aid the Bulawayo community in the fight against the disease.

Highlanders treasurer Donald Ndebele and club spokesperson Ronald Moyo confirmed the project which is in its incubation stage.

“There is something happening but it has not yet been finalised. We are supposed to go into a conference call before we issue a statement,” Moyo said.

A source earlier said that there had been discussions among the club executives and representatives of the supporters.

Initial suggestions were to raise funds for the purchase of protective clothing for healthcare staff and the idea of purchasing a ventilator was also thrown around.

“They are busy running around the logistics of the project and coming up with a committee to run the thing. What they (club executive) have done is that they have approached the supporters for that drive.”

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Another source said the project was about setting up a crowd-funding platform where raised funds would be channelled towards procurement of personal protective equipment for local institutions that take care of COVID-19 patients.

English Premier League clubs have gone an extra mile donating towards the well-being of staff in the National Health Service.

They have also gone into engaging with their fans in times of distress over the virus which has killed over a million people globally.

According to the Premier League: “. . . clubs are making phone calls to ensure their supporters know they are not alone. As the public observe the government’s social-distancing measures and stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, people in vulnerable groups can become isolated. With no-one to visit them, elderly people or those with underlying health conditions who are particularly at risk from the virus, could feel increasingly lonely.”

Liverpool is engaging in phone calls with their isolated fans with Manchester City doing the same with vulnerable groups over the age of 65 and also doing phone mentorship for the vulnerable youngsters.

Clubs all over the world have frozen football activities with Fifa uncertain when games will resume due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bosso are looking to take a leaf from the European giants.

Highlanders spokesperson Ronald Moyo said: “As a club we are concerned about this pandemic. This (crowd-funding) is an idea we are considering and still trying to see whether it’s doable. If we are satisfied and convinced that it’s doable, we will announce our position tomorrow.”

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Source – newsday

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