Current ZIFA an embarrassment to the nation – MP

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Current ZIFA an embarrassment to the nation – MP

by Steve Grays

A Legislator Peter Moyo has slammed the Zimbabwe Football Association for being an embarrassment to the nation at the same time calling for its audit.

Moyo made the remarks in parliament.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Hon. Minister of Sports Kirsty Coventry for giving us the state of affairs in our football. It took long because we requested your Chair to make a ruling in October last year, 2019 and in November you had requested the Minister to come the first week of February, 2020 when we opened this Parliament but unfortunately it could not happen, may be because of other reasons which are best known to themselves,” he said.

“There is one component which the Hon. Minister left out, that is the issue of ZIFA being audited by the Auditor General because they receive funds from Government. There is no way ZIFA can operate in isolation leaving Government out of any football equation. So when we are talking about FIFA banning us from participating in any football activity because we have asked ZIFA to be transparent, let us be banned as long as we are going to correct what is wrong in our football.”

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He said this is very embarrassing and the current ZIFA Executive is an embarrassment to this country.

“They are putting our country at the wrong map. They are operating in Mars rather than operating in this country. Right now, if you look at how ZIFA is operating they are busy banning everybody who dares to ask them to be transparent. How many members have been banned in this august House? These are people who are trying to be transparent,” He said.

“Those people are busy looting funds, they went to Egypt – they got all the support. Football is a unifier, it knows no boundaries. When football is being played at the National Sports Stadium everybody goes to watch football. It is the biggest employer in this country but some people see it as an opportunity to loot whatever little resources they get.”

“When we raised this issue in October last year, CAF had not banned us. What is going to happen is, we are going to play our football in a foreign land. This has never happened in the history of this country. It means that we are going to lose a lot of resources. We are going to lose the much needed foreign currency. Our hotels are not going to benefit anything but other countries are going to benefit. So if we say Government should not interfere when people are playing around with other people lives what does that mean to those who irk a living from playing football.”

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Source – Byo24News




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