Education Ministry Halts Vacation School For April Holidays

by Judith Matanire

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in Zimbabwe has announced the decision to withhold authorization for Vacation School during the upcoming April holiday period. This decision impacts Grade 7, ‘O’ level, and ‘A’ level candidates, as well as students in non-exam classes across the country.

In a statement released by the Ministry, officials emphasized the importance of providing students with the opportunity to take a pause from their regular academic schedule and focus on rejuvenation and self-directed learning.

“Our students need these vacations to rest,” the announcement states. “They have had 56 days of continuous learning and it is essential that they take this time to recharge.”

Education officials expressed confidence in the ability of students to engage in self-directed learning activities during the holiday period, emphasizing the importance of fostering independent study habits and critical thinking skills. By encouraging students to take a break from formal schooling and explore alternative avenues for learning, the Ministry aims to support the holistic development of learners and promote a healthy approach to education.

The Ministry of Education extends heartfelt commendations to all teachers and expresses profound gratitude for their commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment that nurtures the potential of every student.

“The creativity and passion brought about by all our teachers in the classrooms that made learning engaging, interactive and inspiring for our pupils is commended and the Ministry remains grateful.”

Vacation School, a customary practice in Zimbabwean education, typically involves supplementary classes held during school breaks to bolster students’ preparation for upcoming examinations. However, the Ministry’s decision signals a departure from this norm, emphasizing the importance of mental health and overall well-being in the educational landscape. Nhau/Indaba

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