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First Lady Attacks Rapists, Drug Peddlers

First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa on Monday took her Nharire Yemusha sessions to Bindura in Mashonaland Central where she met hundreds of men and women at Chipadze High School under strict Covid-19 guidelines.

Mrs Mnangagwa claims that her programme is targeting to restore virtuous characteristics in local women and men.

In her remarks at the event, she defined good men as “level headed and cooperative”.

“Issues of child marriages are high in this province, I am always finding it difficult to realise that as much as I speak against child marriages, my home province has the highest prevalence. Men, you must desist from marrying under aged girls and again marrying them off,” she thundered.

She also spoke against peddling of drugs and rape.

In another presentation Brenda Chigaga said a model woman should be time conscious, financially independent and entrepreneurial. She also called for peace, love, faithfulness and respect in both sexes.

“A model woman should be humble and pleasant both to her family and society, she has to be faithful and peaceful,” said Chigaga.

“She has to be presentable always. She should be up to scratch in terms of information and technology mainly with phones and social media so that she cannot be tricked through phones by her children,” she said.

Another speaker, Brenda Chitauro, said: “A good woman should be trustworthy, she doesn’t lie to her partner and have time for her family always.”

She also encouraged women to practice good hygiene.

Men that spoke at the gathering, defined a good father and husband as someone who is always there for his family, immune to promiscuous tendencies and always behind his family.

However, they also spoke out against abuse by women: “There are some women who are getting married and thereafter kill their spouses in order to inherit their wealth, that’s bad. Women should also desist from abusive tendencies amongst them beating their spouses,” said one male speaker. Nhau/Indaba

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