How to Effectively Cut Costs on Your Bathroom Remodel

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How to Effectively Cut Costs on Your Bathroom Remodel

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When you are initially planning your bathroom remodel, it’s easy to picture certain elements that you think you cannot live without – such as expensive fixtures, expensive marble for the walls and floors, that huge skylight, and so on. But when you have finally figured out that the price for all these things simply cannot fit your budget, reality sets in. But it doesn’t mean that you have to really spend on your bathroom remodel just to get what you want. There are ways to cut costs on your bathroom remodel without having to settle for something inferior. So, what are these ways? Let’s find out.

DIY on the demolition

One thing you can do to cut costs on your bathroom remodel is to do your own demolition. A do it yourself demolition is entirely possible, and if you can do this yourself, you can save a lot of money. But be careful – doing your own demolition takes some careful thought; you can’t just demolish your bathroom walls and flooring without thinking about it first. For example, before you start demolishing your walls, consider what’s behind them. You should especially avoid destroying live wires, pipes, and other important elements. But once you have a good idea of what to demolish, all you need are the right tools, which include a crowbar, sledgehammer, claw hammer, and pry bar. Don’t forget the cost of renting a hauling professional for the torn down debris, though.

Forego the big hole

If you want to add more light to the bathroom and are thinking that the only way you can do this would be to install a skylight, think again. You can still have the additional light you want and need by making use of a sun tube or a solar tube. Rather than cutting a significantly-sized hole in your bathroom area’s roof, all you have to do is install a solar tube, which can be placed between your loft’s rafters. These tubes are flexible and can range in length from between 10 inches to 20 inches, and it works by funneling sunlight into the bathroom from a small cut or opening in the roof.

Think wallboards or panels

Rather than replace your old tiles with natural stone tiles or other expensive materials such as marble, you have the option to replace them with wall boards or panels. A good shower wall panel is readily available in many shops, particularly online, and they have the same look as expensive marble or granite without the exorbitant price. What’s more, these shower panels, which are made from PVC, are non-porous, and they are way more hygienic compared to standard ceramic or stone tiles. They’re also easier to clean, and for the price, give you much more value for your money.

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