SA Opposition Leader Opposes Expulsion Of Zimbabweans, Calls For Regularization

In a staunch stance against the expulsion of Zimbabweans holding Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP), Democratic Alliance (DA) chairperson Helen Zille has called for their regularization in South Africa.

Highlighting their significant contributions to the nation’s economy, Zille asserts that their presence should not be dismissed but rather formalized. She advocates for a compassionate approach towards illegal immigrants, urging the South African government to provide avenues for them to regularize their status. Zille emphasizes the importance of attracting skilled workers and entrepreneurs to bolster the country’s economic landscape.

Regarding the complexities of immigration issues, Zille emphasizes the necessity for a comprehensive, long-term solution rather than succumbing to populist rhetoric.

Drawing from personal experiences, Zille underscores the invaluable contributions of Zimbabwean residents to the South African economy, emphasizing their skillfulness and dedication. Meanwhile, South Africa finds itself on the brink of a coalition government following recent elections, which failed to yield a clear victor.

Amidst ideological disparities, speculations abound that the ruling African National Congress may seek partnership with the DA, signaling a potential shift in political dynamics. Nhau/Indaba

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