United Methodist Church Members Protest Against Homosexuality In Harare

By Judith Matanire

Members of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Harare have taken to the streets to protest against gays following the church’s recent controversial stance on same-sex marriages. Gathered outside the UMC head offices in Milton Park, Harare, the protesters are expressing their dissatisfaction with the church’s new position on LGBTQ+ rights.

Brandishing placards with messages such as “We cannot regionalize sin”, “Homosexuality is a threat to our culture”, and “We refuse same-sex marriages in the UMC”, the demonstrators are making their voices heard.

Their protest aims to convey their staunch opposition to any acceptance or normalization of same-sex relationships within the church.

Accompanied by their vocal outcry, the protesters are also presenting a petition to the UMC’s national leadership, urging them to uphold traditional values and reject any deviation from the established teachings of the church.

The protest reflects the deep divisions within the UMC over issues of sexuality and inclusion. While some members advocate for a more progressive and inclusive approach, others vehemently oppose any departure from traditional teachings on marriage and sexuality.

Members of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Harare are not alone in their protest against homosexuality. Their stance reflects broader sentiments within conservative factions of Christianity worldwide.

Across various denominations and regions, there are differing views on homosexuality, with some advocating for inclusion and acceptance, while others, like the protesters in Harare, vehemently oppose it.

Outside of Zimbabwe, discussions around homosexuality and LGBTQ+ rights within religious institutions have been ongoing for decades. In many parts of the world, particularly in Western countries, there has been a gradual shift towards greater acceptance a

nd inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals within religious communities. However, this evolution has not been universal, and conservative elements within various denominations continue to resist such changes. *Nhau/Indaba*

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