21 Marijuana Plants Toss Elderly Couple In Hot Soup

An elderly couple appeared at Bindura Magistrates Court on Monday after police detectives recovered 21 plants of marijuana they had allegedly grown in their orchard.

Bednock Gondo (58) and his wife Senzeni Gambanga (49) all of Musana communal lands, under Chief Musana were hauled to court after detectives received a tip-off concerning the prohibited plants last Saturday.

Prosecuting, Chipo Chinoda alleged that, acting on the tip off, detectives raided their homestead at around 9pm where they found Gambanga home alone.

They identified themselves and outlined the purpose of their nightly visit.

Gambanga was left with no choice but to escort them to the orchard where they discovered 21 plants of marijuana tied to mango and avocado trees with nylon thatching cord to support them.

The plants measured between 1,8m and 2,8m before they were uprooted as exhibits.

However, Gambanga expressed her innocence, stating that the plants belonged to her husband.

Gondo and Gambanga will be back in court next week for trial. Nhau/Indaba

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