Mnangagwa Sparks Controversy With Remarks On King Lobengula

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent remarks about the legendary Ndebele king, Lobengula, have ignited a tribal debate. During a speech at Makumimavi Primary School in Chivhu while inaugurating 17 schools, Mnangagwa made comments that stirred controversy.

Addressing the audience, Mnangagwa recounted a historical anecdote about King Lobengula’s encounter with a mirror, implying the king’s ignorance.

He urged young people to embrace modern technologies, contrasting them with the supposed ignorance of the past. His remarks were met with a mix of reactions from the crowd, with some expressing their discontent through inaudible interjections, causing a momentary pause in the President’s speech.

This incident follows a pattern of controversial remarks by Mnangagwa, who has previously been criticized for making dry jokes and belittling his subordinates. Notably, he embarrassed Lands and Agriculture Minister Anxious Masuku by publicly giving him money to buy a new suit.

Mnangagwa’s comments on King Lobengula add to existing tensions, reminiscent of previous incidents where individuals, including national broadcasters, faced backlash for denigrating the late Ndebele king. King Lobengula, the last ruler of the Matabele Kingdom, holds a significant place in Zimbabwean history.

The President’s remarks underscore ongoing sensitivities around tribal identity and historical narratives in Zimbabwe, highlighting the need for careful consideration of language and historical context in public discourse. ZCA

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