ZERA Announces Diesel & Petrol Prices For June 2024

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced fuel prices effective 04 June to 04 July 2024. In a notice, ZERA said diesel now costs US$1.61 per litre, down from US$1.66 per litre that was set on 05 May 2024.

However, the price of petrol has been raised slightly, from US$1.58 set on 05 May to US$1.59 effective 04 June 2024. ZERA said:

The public and operators advised that the blending ratio remains E20. Operators may sell petroleum products below the prescribed prices depending on their trading advantages and should display prices in a prominent place as provided for by the fuel pricing regulations.

ZERA has done a breakdown of the fuel price build-up for June 2024 indicating that the FOB price and total landed cost for diesel were US$0.8069 and US$0.8958, respectively. For petrol, they were US$0.8497 and US$0.9386 respectively. Total taxes and levies for diesel were US$0.5170 and US$0.5370 for petrol, while the total administrative costs were US$0.0210 for both diesel and petrol.

According to ZERA, the total product cost (Msasa) was US$1.434 for diesel and US$1.497 for petrol. The ethanol blending cost was US$1.10. The total distribution costs for both fuel and diesel were US$0.035.

The total costs for diesel were US$1.4688 and for petrol, US$1.4523. The final pump price for diesel is US$1.6088, and US$1.5923 for petrol, to give rounded-off prices of US$1.61 and US$1.59, respectively. Pindula

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