Monday , April 12 2021
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Activists, parties blast ‘sell-out’ Mpofu over Gukurahundi remarks

MATABELELAND based pressure groups and political parties have angrily reacted to Zanu PF top politician, Obert Mpofu’s contemptuous dismissal of anti-Gukurahundi activists he claimed were least qualified to speak authoritatively about the government atrocities.

The Zanu PF secretary for administration fired a salvo at anti-Gukurahundi campaigners, insisting they were less affected by the State sponsored 1980s atrocities which killed an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces in the early years of independence.

Prominent anti-Gukurahundi activist and Ibhetshu Likazulu coordinator, Mbuso Fuzwayo described Mpofu’s comments as divisive and reckless.

“We do not expect anything from Obert Mpofu, but his views are in bad taste. It is a view that does not build a nation,” Fuzwayo said.

“A nation is built by people who are human, who can show remorse, who can ask for forgiveness but if we are to say nothing must be done on Gukurahundi, you are in denial.”

The activist said Mpofu’s views on Gukurahundi were a clear reflection of Zanu PF and government’s position on the mass killings.

“Mpofu is the Secretary for Administration for Zanu PF and so what he says is what Zanu PF believes in.

“Zanu PF and the government must take full responsibility and by not taking full responsibility when survivors and victims are calling for a solution, they are literally saying because we defeated you, you cannot do anything to us which is not good for the nation and our future. NewZimbabwe

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