Monday , April 12 2021
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Armed Security Agents At Bindura Roadblocks

Security roadblocks in Bindura today were manned by both members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s duty uniform branch, support unit and Zimbabwe National Army officers.

At the corner of Chipadze Street and the Shamva Bindura highway four police officers were accompanied by a single armed soldier and Support Unit member.

At the corner of Robert Mugabe and the Harare–Bindura Highway, a team of soldiers and police officers was also present checking for exemption letters, the observation of Covid-19 rules by motorists and commuter omnibuses operating illegally.

Police patrolled but a number of vendors could be seen loitering around. In Chipadze, Chipindura and Chiwaridzo a number of people were wandering during the day many though putting on their masks.

Government has extended lockdown to February 15. Nhau/Indaba

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