Monday , April 12 2021
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Mliswa To Approach Courts Over Housing Developments

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has vowed to approach the courts to stop further housing developments in the town.

Norton is currently facing serious water shortages while service delivery remains very poor.

Increasing the number of housing developments without expanding amenities further stretches the already scarce resources.

“I continue to receive queries on the below (pictured) development and I maintain my response that such purchases are at the buyers own risk as Norton can’t maintain its current service delivery obligations so it’s out of the question this one will be adequately covered,” tweeted Mliswa.

“Norton has no water. I’m not sure why developers would want to sell properties to people where there’s no water. The sewer reticulation and service delivery on the whole is poor. Water is life regardless of how good a house may look so people must ask these questions.

“I’ll soon be approaching the courts for an interdict to prevent any further housing developments in Norton until the current infrastructure in terms of social amenities is well augmented and can support the existing demand.

“Unfortunately, corrupt dealings created an untenable environment and it’s just not sustainable. Currently Norton is plagued with numerous unfinished developments much to the prejudice of residents. NTC itself just as guilty, so what is the rationale of starting more?

“For as long as these basics are not in place, development cannot happen and potential homeowners will continue to be fleeced of their hard-earned money.” Nhau/Indaba

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