Organisation Donates Reusable Sanitary Wear To Hwange Rural Girls

More than 100 learners at Neshaya Secondary school, on the outskirts of Hwange received a boost of re-usable sanitary wear donated by a Harare based organisation, Nduna Zimbabwe Trust.

The learners were identified by Hwange Youth Empowerment Initiative (HYEI).

Nduna Zimbabwe Trust Programmes Officer Evelyn Mdutshwa said they were moved by an article they saw in a local newspaper and decided to act.

The article revealed how poverty affected the girl child in the communities of Hwange especially during their menstruation cycle and how Hwange activists were advocating for a fair distribution of sanitary wear.

Together with their funders Vasikana Vedu Organisation, they quickly chipped in and donated the sanitary wear.

“After seeing that article, we had to make some follow ups, and we had to come down here to empower the girl child in the community of Hwange and encourage them to have a happy period time,” Mdutshwa said.

The donated sanitary wear are very comfortable and can last for 5 years. They can also be used for a six hour period and suitable for heavy menstrual flows.

Nduna Trust also offered to empower the girls with skills on how to make the sanitary wear.

“As the saying goes, it’s better to teach a person how to fish, than to give him fish, we are going to come again and teach them how to design these pads so that they can make their own in the near future. The teaching will also be extended to the community. We really wish we can do more as we have seen that the problem is just too drastic,” she said.

Meanwhile Neshaya school authorities were impressed by the gesture and revealed that the donation meant that the girl child would be able to attend school without any disturbances.

“We are grateful for the donation as a school. It will go a long way for our girls. From today we are also going to establish a club at the school where the girls will be taught how to make reusable sanitary wear as well as clubs that look into girl’s issues,” an official from school said.

The beneficiaries received a pack of 4 reusable sanitary wear each, a personal notebook and pen.

Nduna Trust is an organisation which focuses on teaching ICT skills in schools, teaching about applications such Zoom and Skype .It also seeks to alleviate communities which were hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Indaba

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