Tuesday , March 2 2021
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Outcry Over Chi-Town Pool Parties

Residents of Chitungwiza’s Riverside suburb have raised concern over pool parties that are being held at one of the houses in the area.

Last weekend Nhau went undercover and visited the house which is now referred to as the ‘Royal’ and witnessed scores of mostly teenagers and even some underage girls and boys partying, drinking alcohol, taking drugs.

None of the young people present were putting on any mask and to make matters worse, some were swimming while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Nhau reporters managed to capture video footage in which the pool party-goers can be seen sharing the popular shisha, swimming and drinking alcohol.

When the undercover crew gained entry into the premise after paying US$3 entrance fee, alcohol was being sold in the main house while there were braai stands beside the pool. Many youths could also be seen loitering outside the gate of the house as they could not afford the admission fee.

However, some concerned residents alerted Nhau of the pool parties saying that the holding of parties, especially during this time of lockdown was putting residents at risk of contracting Covid-19 as the place is attracting people from various areas.

One resident of Riverside said: “We are really concerned with what’s going on at the house. They are holding parties on a weekly basis and the patrons will not be wearing any masks. We understand that they will also be swimming without following lockdown regulations.”

Another resident who refused to be identified for fear of victimization said: “What’s going on at that house is really disturbing because it does not give a good picture to our little kids. The place is also being frequented by underage youths who will be drinking beer and engaging in immoral acts such as drug abuse.”

Added the resident who looked clearly scared to discuss the matter: “We also hear rumors that they also sell drugs to patrons as well as offer booking house services to the party-goers. As members of the community, we are afraid to report as we heard a rumour that one of the joint-proprietors claims to be a member of the CIO.”

When contacted for a comment, ZRP national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said that he was not yet aware of the pool parties taking place in Chitungwiza’s Riverside area.

“I am aware of four Vuzu parties where arrests were made in Bulawayo’s Pumula and Emakandeni suburbs. I am not yet aware of the ones in Chitungwiza but I will find out,” he said. Nhau/Indaba

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