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Stakeholder Engagement Key To Development

Engagement of stakeholders in planning and implementation of council business is vital Kadoma’s City Council is determined to forge ahead on a progressive trajectory, an interactive forum has heard.

Town clerk Malvern Dondo made the remarks in the closing stages of a meeting convened last Thursday by the city fathers in a bid to solicit input from various publics.

“Stakeholders should be concerned and involved in everything not only when there is contention. We want to review performance overally. Sometimes let’s get to the bottom and seek answers instead of rushing to conclusions. We need to improve service, identify projects and minimize defaulters. Execution of top class customer care ensures that we don’t repel ratepayers as council,” Dondo said.

Dondo also called for the same strategies to be used in resolving infrastructural damage caused by heavy rains this season.

Thursday’s Indaba, according to Mayor Alderman Action Nyamukondiwa, was called to exchange notes with stakeholders and unpack issues affecting both parties.

This follows a backlash suffered by Council in the wake of ‘outrageous’ rates increase effected February this year.
At the same gathering, council flagged that it had rectified the shocking bills but residents maintain that nothing has changed.

Finance director Faustina Zhou also concurred with her superior:

“We hope to win residents co-operation through amicable association. Stakeholder engagement is key in improving revenue collection. Service delivery in the city is the ultimate winner. Our door to door canvassing for bill payments usually pays off.”

She encouraged residents to attend various Indaba, at the same time, entice their peers to do likewise in order to contribute from an informed position.

A member from her department who explained some of the processes in the council purse weighed in:

“There is lack of commitment. Increasing level of engagement with stakeholders should be a continuous process rather than wait for budget consultation. If we appraise each other say, every quarter, it may work. In the early stages, we get ideas and apply them in our operations. That, in its own way, can improve relations, as well as, boost operations. Our level of service is one that has a bearing on stakeholder confidence and payment of bills.”

Andrew Mafemba, a member of the budget taskforce, rallied residents to come up with constructive ideas when meetings are convened. Nhau/Indaba

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