Stung By The Lockdown, Some Businesses Resume Operations

A number of shops opened for business in Bindura this week, including unregistered hardware shops and phone dealerships.

Vendors appeared to have attained ‘freedom of the town’ status as well, there were everywhere within the central business district while law enforcement was nowhere in sight.

At Chipadze Shopping Centre, a number of imbibers were enjoying their drinks while the wearing of masks appeared important only to a few.

Residents in most areas were walking freely without masks and were not observing the all-important social distancing rule. Vendors openly sold different goods at their stalls along all major roads while others have retreated to the front yards of their houses.

Mayor Brian Kembo said he was baffled by the situation and called police to act.

A source told Nhau that there seemed to be some collusion between law enforcement and non-essential service business owners that are openly flouting the lockdown regulations.

OK, Pick n Pay, Choppies and Masamvu & Sons supermarkets are opening daily, the same with Metro Peech and Browne, N Richards and Sons as well as Gains.

Zuva, Puma, Energy Park and Glow Petroleum services stations also opened for business with both diesel and petrol available. Nhau/Indaba

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