Monday , April 12 2021
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Once considered an eyesore, heaps of garbage around Bindura’s high-density suburbs have become normalised, particularly in Chipadze, Chiwaridzo and Aerodrome.

The situation is the same at shopping centres.

At Chipadze and Chiwaridzo our reporter witnessed mounds of garbage in front of some shops, and amongst that waste were used diapers, some still dripping.

In Aerodrome, waste can be found in front of some houses.

A factfinding tour of the town by our news crew revealed that residents are dumping garbage everywhere, amid disturbing reports that the city fathers are failing to ensure consistent collection of refuse due to a combination of factors, among them lack of funds to procure fuel and not having the trucks to collect the refuse.

Mayor Brian Kembo told Nhau that there is a real disaster in his town.

He said council does not have refuse collection trucks at the moment but a local gold milling company was ready to lend the town theirs for some hours to carry out the duty provided council avails fuel.
Unfortunately, the coffers are so dry authorities cannot even afford to buy fuel to use the donated truck to bring back some order to their town.

Kembo said the municipality of Bindura is aware of the situation and it is actually the one that “directed people to dump their waste at these points”, at business centres, along roads and in front of some houses. Nhau/Indaba

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