Top dog fashion trends to follow in 2019

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Top dog fashion trends to follow in 2019

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It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends and always dress to impress, especially since the designers’ preferences for certain colors, fabrics, and patterns change at least twice a year. However, a true fashionista is always up-to-date with what’s new in the industry and, moreover, makes sure the dog also makes a good impression whenever walking outside.

Dogs don’t only require a welcoming environment to thrive and achieve their fullest potential but also their owners’ unconditional attention. From expensive cribs to the most extravagant toys and even some good dog and cat slow feeders to keep them in shape whenever you’re not around, nothing is too much when it comes to the happiness and well-being of your pooch.

And, if you also want to make sure its wardrobe expresses its personality, here are some dog fashion trends you need to follow in 2019.

Gingham print

The gingham print was all over the fashion industry in 2018 and it appears to have come back in style in the shape of dog clothes and accessories. The print has a royal touch and represents the expression of sophistication.
Shirts and even pants in the famous black and white fabric can be worn in spring and early fall to create a fun, trendy, and easy-to-wear outfit for your pooch. We’re not giving names, but some of the dog breeds that will kill this trend include chihuahuas, pugs, beagles, corgis, and the adorable Frenchies.

Sweater vests

When it’s cold and humid outside but you don’t want your dog to wear one of those plain coats bought from the pet store, a sweater vest could prove an elegant choice.

The thick knit will keep your doggo warm and cozy while enjoying the morning walk alongside its human friend. Opt for low-collar designs that provide increased flexibility and freedom of movement while also maintaining the optimum body temperature.

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Graphic prints

For a cool and urban look, you may update your dog’s wardrobe with some new graphic-printed tees and sweatshirts.

From skulls and crossbones to flowers, stripes, cartoon characters, and even animal prints, there is no limit when it comes to dressing your puppy in cool clothes. Just make sure they are comfortable, breathable, and according to the weather to prevent overheating or sweating.

Tie Dye hippie shirts

If you’re planning your next summer vacation to a warm beach, enjoying cocktails under the palm trees, you might as well dress accordingly. Your dog shouldn’t be excused either, especially since one of the coolest fashion trends in 2019 pleads for the relaxed and hippie look of tie-dye button shirts.

A cool and vacation-ready outfit for your pooch includes one of these printed shirts in warm shades of ocean blue and turquoise and a straw hat to prevent heatstroke. You may also want to consider a pair of summer booties if you’re thinking about a walk on the hot sand.

Metallic clothes

A true fashionista knows that gold clothes represent the ultimate opulence. Luckily, the metallic trend seems to have been adopted by dogs too, so that now you can wear a matching gold outfit with your pup. There are several items to choose from, including dresses, raincoats, jackets, vests, and even pants, depending on how extravagant your pet is and the type of event he or she is attending.

If you want to adopt a more conservative look but still keep it fresh and trendy, you can opt for metallic gold accessories such as hats, booties or collars. These are suitable for both males and females and can be worn by dogs of all ages and breeds.

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