WBC Endorses Zim As Host Of 2022 Africa Training Workshop For Ring Officials

By Gilbert Munetsi

Zimbabwe will in March 2022 host the World Boxing Council All-Africa officials training workshop, a key takeaway that was endorsed at the recently ended 59th WBC convention held at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Mexico City.

This year was the first time Zimbabwe was represented at this highest level gathering of the world’s leading boxing sanction body.

Zimbabwe was one of three other African countries present that is South Africa, Tunisia and Mali.  Also conducted in virtual mode for those who could not attend, the convention was held from November 14-19.

The endorsement for Zimbabwe to host the biggest showcase for ring officials who include referees, judges and cornermen was communicated to the world by the top WBC brass which included president Mauricio Sulaiman and his deputy, Houcine Houchi. The latter also doubles as the president of the African Boxing Union (ABU).

Also present at this year’s edition of the week-long indaba were WBC legends who comprised past and present champions.

Among these were Larry Holmes, Sugar Ray Leonard Jnr, Julio Cesar Chavez, Floyd Mayweather Jnr, Duran Roberto, Canelo Alvarez and Junior Makabu.

Apart from bringing these household international boxing stars all under one roof, a variety of presentations were on offer, and so were medical clinics, approval of world rankings, mandatory fights and seminars for ring officials, referees and judges with priority on the health and safety of the boxer.

Zimbabwe National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board general secretary, Lawrence Zimbudzana, yesterday said the country had been privileged to be afforded the opportunity to host people from various parts of the continent.

“We have not only been given a chance as a country to demonstrate to the world the level of our seriousness, but a slot to market our country.

“The WBC president has promised to tour Africa ahead of the workshop and he will appraise himself of the opportunities at hand that are at the WBC’s disposal in Zimbabwe,” he said.

For one who also had time to compare notes with delegates from such countries as France, the USA and Ukraine, Zimbudzana told Nhau he was awestruck by the massive impact the sport of boxing commanded in the world.

“On behalf of the boxing community of my country, l networked with many people, seeing we can do many things together such as exchanges and programmes. With Ukraine which is a boxing powerhouse, for example, we discussed areas of mutual interest with a view to collaborate on a number of areas.

“The bottom line is that boxing out there is big business, it’s a huge industry.  The amount of revenue that can be generated from the industry if all fundamentals are put in place are massive.

“However, l also learnt that developing the sport cannot be the responsibility of the board alone, but it needs every stakeholder to unite and work for the goodness of the sport.

“From the time we touched down at the airport right through to the final day, the atmosphere in Mexico City was electric. Electronic bill boards scattered throughout the metropolitan, hordes of news hounds feasting on the proceedings, multi-cultural festivities, awards… it was an events-filled itinerary that left no time for play.

“And then there were the major highlights that encompassed a referees and judges seminar, ratings committee meetings and presentations as well as resolutions with regards the latest rules and regulations.”

In a new development, said Zimbudzana, the WBC has introduced a new division called The Bridge which is a weight category between the cruiserweight and heavyweight. Nhau/Indaba

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