Zanu PF Elections: Banket Rejects Philip Chiyangwa?

  • ‘He has delivered no single promise since he was elected’
  • ‘It’s time for true Banket sons to represent us’

An article recently published in an online magazine, Spiked, has opened a can of worms in Zanu PF politics (Mashonaland West), attracting a strongly worded response from a grouping of Banket residents, who have come out guns blazing against their MP, Philip Chiyangwa and his controversial sidekick, Never Hutepasi.

Titled ‘Late Msipa’s niece joins fight to unseat Chiyangwa’, the story has been dubbed “misleading, untrue, malicious and a desperate fabrication”.

In the response, concerned residents reveal that a panic-stricken Chiyangwa camp planted the “false” story ostensibly to try and force through their unwanted horse as the jostling for positions in the ruling party’s districts reaches its climax.

They claim that this has caused unnecessary mudslinging against “our loyal sons” like London-based John Murowe, China-based Ricardo Hwasheni, businessman Blessing Joseph and illustrious local Wilfred Dandajena.

Read the full article, sent exclusively to Nhau News Online, below…

Firstly, we would like to make it crystal clear that Crispen Saidi, who is being defamed by the article which appeared in the online publication, Spiked, is a staunch Zanu PF member who has over the years supported all previous MPs including the current one Mr Phillip Chiyangwa.

The man is Zanu PF through and through. His credentials cannot be put into question. He has contested to be both MP or Councillor in the past and whenever he lost he would quickly support the winning candidate as prescribed by the Zanu PF constitution.

It is absurd for anyone to think that Mr Saidi would play dirty or sabotage another party member. To our knowledge, Mr Saidi is an honest man who would never do such a thing to a party he supports and one that he has grown up in.

It should, however, be noted that Mr Saidi has a right to put himself up as a potential candidate for the 2023 elections and like any Zanu PF member, he is entitled to do so without fear. Mr Saidi has a right to make any preparations for his campaign as and when he wishes. In our considered view, this article was meant to assassinate Mr Saidi’s character, accusing him of things that he has not done.

It is concerning that the article was based on hearsay and lacks evidence about the allegations made against Mr Saidi. Clearly this was meant to tarnish his good reputation within the Banket and Zvimba Community.

The article further states that Blessing Joseph Augustine and Wilfred Dandajena are also working with Mr Saidi to unseat Mr Chiyangwa. Firstly, there is no reason to mention the relationship between Blessing and the late National Hero Cde Msipa as this has no bearing to the politics in Banket. There is also no reason why the author was keen to identify Mr Dandajena as a ZIMRA employee as again this has nothing to do with Mr Dandajena’s political life and affiliations or lack thereof.

Silos in Banket

The author went on to state that Blessing and Wilfred supported Mr Saidi’s campaign with US$1 500 to fight Mr Never Hutepasi. These are utter lies. We have it on good authority that there was never any exchange of money between Mr Saidi and the two gentlemen, Blessing and Wilfred. We urge the publication’s editor to insist on reporters getting their facts right before rushing to misinform its readers.

The publication and its sources further claim that Mr Dandajena is fighting Hutepasi, a council employee, because his family took Banket Council to court. This is also utter rubbish. In fact, it is Hutepasi, who has reason to fight Mr Dandajena as Council (where Hutepasi is a councillor) took Dandajena’s late brother’s stand and gave it to someone else. This stand had been fully paid. Dandajena’s issues had nothing to do with the A1 farm that the Spiked story mentions. However, this has everything to do with the Dandajena stand which Banket Council allegedly fraudulently gave to someone else.

Aside from this, Hutepasi is being investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for wrongdoings, which presumably he is trying to fight using politics instead of courts and facts. We are reliably informed that the ZACC investigation stems from some missing fertilisers that he allegedly diverted from the Zunde ra Mambo programme.

Politically, there is definitely a rift between Hutepasi and Saidi and the two camps appear to want to unsettle each other. Hutepasi has an undeniable link to Chiyangwa and Saidi is considered by many to be a true Banket son. It is clear from speaking to people in Banket that they are not happy with Chiyangwa and his acolytes as he has done nothing for the community since his election as an MP for the area.

Mr Chiyangwa has neither visited Banket nor does he contribute to any debates in Parliament regarding his constituency. Banket has lagged behind in terms of development and as its inhabitants we have grown weary. We have had enough of “conmen” who only come in to get our votes during elections and disappear afterwards.

By being on Chiyangwa’s side, Hutepasi has become very unpopular in Banket. The people here now want their own sons and daughters – born and bred in Banket, to represent them. This is why they are calling on Saidi to step in. It is unfortunate that Hutepasi is now using dirty tricks and the media to fabricate lies against his very formidable opponent.

Of course, there is no doubt that he has the financial muscle since he is backed by Chiyangwa. Through this liquidity, he can influence reporters to do his bidding at the expense of Saidi, Dandajena and Blessing. For clarity, both Blessing and Wilfred have never attempted to hold any political office in Banket and anywhere else. They are true Banket sons who also sponsor their beloved soccer club Banket United and are not involved in politics whatsoever.

The Banket community would like to remind Chiyangwa that they elected him without Hutepasi’s influence and that they will not let Hutepasi divide them in anyway. The Banket community is angry at what is going on and come 2023, the people will speak with one voice as they choose whoever we think will represent us well.

Banket people want representation from people who understand the nature of the community’s problems, those who will represent them well in Parliament and other important national forums. It is high time a person from Banket challenges to be MP and this is what will happen in 2023. Banket does not need people like Hutepasi to come and tell us what we should do.

There are also concerns as to why Hutepasi is seeking a second term as Councillor and why he is being supported by Chiyangwa. Hutepasi is a civil servant and is not supposed to hold an office in any political party. However, he has already held one term in office as chairman and this has been allowed. Are there different rules for people like Hutepasi? Why was he allowed to hold office as a civil servant and why is he even trying to extend his tenure in office? This is unacceptable in a democratic party like Zanu PF.

The people of Banket have now spoken and it is only a matter of time before we elect our own preferred person. We will not allow what happened in 2018 to repeat itself. Chiyangwa and Hutepasi must go, they do not represent the Banket community.

Kuti Banket Ndokuti Dzinza

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