Zimbabwe’s pace in adopting ICTs too slow

Nhau Correspondent

Government is slowly adopting the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in order to boost the set targets in the recently launched NDS1, but there is still a long way to go.
The Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Dr Jenfan Muswere Monday commissioned the Zimpost Digitisation Programme and launched the Zimbabwemall online platform.
Zimpost has been moving at a snail’s pace as workers have been complaining about poor salaries and working conditions that drove its workers to be on go slow.
“The post has withstood the test of time and has overcome and survived waves of technological innovations that threatened its very existence. The secret of this resilience has hugely been the ability of the post to adapt to the changing environment and remain relevant to its market and communities it serves. It is Zimpost’s translation of technological threats into an opportunity that has seen us gather here today.”
“This digitisation journey must be seen not as a survival toolkit for Zimpost but as the key to success, growth and sustainability… I am convinced that the digitisation route taken by Zimpost is the right choice that will enable the company to play a pivotal role in the Digital Economy,” Muswere said.
Zimpost has been lagging behind in terms of online shopping and other technologies.
“The click and sell as well as at the click and buy activities will be complemented by Zimpost’s pick and deliver in order to complete the market fulfilment process. This shopping alternative promotes social distancing and observance of other Covid-19 protocols as it eliminates the need to physically visit a shopping site every time items need to be bought.”
According to Muswere, his ministry’s milestone launch will afford the public the latest convenience and will move Zimbabwe forward technologically.
Private players have been taking a leading role in providing these technologies, literally shutting out Zimpost, depriving it of the much-needed revenue for a turnaround.
“The www.zimbabwemall.post address…. platform facilitates online shopping, that is, customers select items onto a shopping cart, confirm their order, make payment and Zimpost renders delivery logistics both locally and internationally.
“I want everything to be ‘E’ enabled at the post office: e-Commerce, (being launched today,) e-Government services, where the citizens will conveniently access Government services; e-education to help students access educational sites at Community Information Centres (CICs); e-health to facilitate telemedicine activities. Zimpost must evolve to be a Smart Post Office that delivers ‘next generation’ services.”
Muswere added that the Zimbabwemall sits on the Universal Postal Union dot Post infrastructure which is a Top Level Domain that is very secure.
“In this era of cyber threats, there is no doubt that customer confidentiality and security of information of both buyers and sellers is of utmost importance. The UPU Dot Post domain provides this necessary cover.”
The launch will also see domestic trade being facilitated and made easy as sellers on the platform will get their wares accessed by customers who will be able to buy from the comfort of their homes from any shop or e-seller enrolled on it and delivery will be effected by Zimpost. Nhau/Indaba

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