Monday , April 12 2021
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Amid Covid-19 Scourge, Bindura Battles HIV/Aids

Bindura district has an estimated 14 416 people living with HIV out of its 168 193 residents.

The district’s HIV prevalence rate stands at 11,2 percent.

According to the National AIDS Council (NAC), around 12 160 of these people may need to be on ART (medication) though their conditions are not yet critical.

Mr Aggripa Karuru, NAC Bindura coordinator, said there was need for “massive behaviour change” among residents hence they have been carrying out awareness campaigns against the devastating effects of the pandemic to targeted groups including youths, university students, illegal miners and cross-border traders.

The campaign was, however, hampered by another pandemic, Covid-19.

Commenting on the shortage of free condoms, Mr Karuru urged those in need to visit clinics.

“We have distributed condom dispensers to different strategic corners where youths can get their stocks on their own. Sure, bars and youth friendly corners remain closed but we have youth corners at clinics for youths to collect there,” said Mr Karuru.

Condoms and a number of family planning contraceptives have become scarce since the closure of bars and nightclubs where many felt comfortable to collect their stocks. This, some residence said, may lead to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies among youths. Nhau/Indaba

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