Bindura Poultry Farmers Empowered

By Richard Kawazi in Bindura
Poultry farmers in Bindura were recently empowered with knowledge and best practices to market their chicken products while retaining profits.

They were also equipped with information on how to curb diseases that often left them with losses after their batches were affected.

A workshop recently carried out by Country Feeds in collaboration with the Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) sought to bridge the gap between the farmers and accessibility to stable markets so that their poultry farming efforts run into commercially viable projects.

Tineyi Hukuimwe, a Livestock Officer at Country Feeds said they roped in AMA to make farmers in the area conversant with profiteering in their business.

“Our broiler farmers have been facing the challenge of finding a consistent market to supply their chickens so that they also make a profit. Today, we managed to bring Agriculture Marketing Authority to educate and inform our farmers on how they can sell their chickens to make profits”, said Hukuimwe.

The farmers were also educated on modern ways they could apply to increase broiler chicken productivity and how to curb disease and fatalities.

Mercy Chidzenga, a broiler farmer who comes from Kaseke Village ward 14 told Nhau/Indaba that she was now optimistic on improving her productivity after learning how to properly feed her broiler chickens.

“I did not know how to properly mix my chicken feed and it always confused me why my chicken did not meet the required weight and health after six weeks. During the engagement, I learnt how to properly mix chicken feed and I realised the mistakes that I made”, she said.

The education training helped to demystify some of the most misunderstood diseases that affect productivity.

Sthembile Majuru, another farmer who used to incur losses in the business due to diseases said she felt empowered with the familiarity on how to curb the disease crisis that had been affecting her batches.

“I learnt how to prevent certain diseases that I once failed to understand or control. I used to incur huge losses because I lacked knowledge on how to treat my chickens and understanding the importance of vaccines,” said Majuru. Nhau/Indaba

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