Monday , April 12 2021
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Meet Nketa 8’s Rising Rapper

Here is a young rapper from Nketa 8 who believes that he is the best in local hip hop. A dream whose sights are set towards greatness, Indaba caught up with Rockie DoUb and here is what he had to say:

When did you start singing?
I’ve been rapping ever since I can remember. I recorded my first song in 2008. I however have been in the mainstream for 6 years.

Describe your journey to where you are today?
It’s a rocky road especially when you’re a Zimbabwean artist, seeing how much you put in and still fail to reap the rewards. But it’s been a learning curve in terms of business management and experience gained as a creative.

What has been your greatest challenge and how did you manage to overcome it?
Fear of being irrelevant or not heard, I got over it when I realised I’m actually being heard and appreciated.

What inspires your music?
I’d say my upbringing. You hear that in my lyrics and beat selection, I’ll always go back to old sayings, I’ll always go back to Kwaito sounds and all that.

Who do you think is the best in local rap and why?
Definitely Rockie DoUb, no brainer…besides me I’d probably say Tha Dawg, he’s a full package, produces, master of the hooks and very creative.

Do you think hip hop has a potential to become one of the major genres in the country?
You could argue every other genre is born off hip hop, so yeah hip hop has potential of becoming 1 of the major genres in the region itself. I think we’ve made strides in making sure people start listening to us as artists and not just rapper punks

What is your greatest aspiration?
Greatness, I want to be great as a rapper, as a brother, as a father, producer or writer.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as far as music is concerned?
I’ve always said I’ll be 1 of the best out of Africa, so yeah that’s where I’m at, you can quote me on this. Nhau/Indaba

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