Monday , April 12 2021
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New Supermarket Excites Stoneridge

Chipo Chabarwa

Development is finally coming to the settlement of Stoneridge as it is set to have its first big supermarket.

Construction of a mega building that will house the supermarket has already started at Taisekwa, a place that had become popular for the many tuck-shops that were demolished to pave way for the new structure. A foundation is already under construction while other materials such as sand have been delivered.

This development is good for the Stoneridge community as the new supermarket will serve residents who are currently being forced to travel a long way to Chitungwiza, Machipisa or Harare CBD to buy their commodities.

The Stoneridge community is also excited with the new development as it is expected to create employment.

However, the new development, though welcome, is set to affect many people who were running tuckshops that were destroyed to pave way for the construction of the new supermarket. Among the structures that were demolished was a hardware, grocery shops and bars.

One person who used to operate a tuck-shop at Taisekwa said that people who used to operate small businesses were affected badly.

“Most of them lived in their shops in order to cut costs and for security reasons. They were left with no choice, but to move with their goods. They have to look for other shops to rent, familiarise themselves with the new place and market themselves,” explained the entrepreneur.

Others such as Ruvimbo Mangwiro stated she have since lost her job: “Now I have to look for a new job so that I can continue taking care of my siblings. Life was better when I was earning a salary from the tuck-shop job I was doing, but now it is back to square one.”

Nontheless, the community of Taisekwa cannot wait for the supermarket to be built due to the convenience it will bring. Nhau/Indaba

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