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Traditional Healers Give Thumbs Up To Covid-19 Vaccine

Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association (ZINATHA) president George Kandiero has commended Government’s efforts to avail the Covid-19 vaccine for every citizen.

In an interview with Nhau/Indaba Kandiero said that they are very happy with the government initiative to provide the Covid-19 vaccine to all citizens.

“As Zinatha we work with the Ministry of Health and Child Care we appreciate the government’s efforts for everyone to have access to the Covid-19 vaccine.”

He further stated that as traditionalists members of his organisation had not yet made headway for a traditional vaccine and rallied the nation to comply with the government.

“Currently, we do not have a traditional vaccine as the pandemic is new to us, hence the role being played by the government is commendable.”

“We encourage every citizen to go and get vaccinated so that we fight the pandemic with collaborative efforts,” Kandiero said.

Kandiero also told Nhau that traditional healers will continue providing medicine for those symptoms that are Covid-19 related such as chest pains and normal influenza. Nhau/Indaba

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