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Valentine’s Day ideas you can explore during the lockdown

Around this time last year, the meme community was in overdrive with Valentine’s Day being a major topic of discussion.

This time around the February 14 noise is a bit low and one wonders if we are even going to see any action on the day.

It’s not even surprising that there isn’t much hype surrounding the day, with the Covid-19 pandemic and all the hardships it has brought with it taking center stage.

There is even a survey from a personal finance resource LendingTree which suggests that 39% of Americans will skip out on the romantic holiday to save money.

For those who are in Zimbabwe, traditional Valentine’s routines which we are used to might just be a tricky mission considering we will still be under a strict lockdown on Sunday.

This means that going to the movies or dinner at some fancy restaurant is off the table.

Buying presents can also be a task as movement is restricted while at the same time many of the outlets that sell such are closed for now.

Does this mean me must simply cancel this year’s Valentine’s or maybe there is another way the day can be salvaged.

While it will be a bit easier for lovers who stay together, or at least stay close to each other, couples with a bit of distance between them are going to find it a bit harder to celebrate the special day together.

We are just going to give you a few ideas that might just help you out if you had not made a plan already.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

This seems like a tired ritual, but for those who have never done it before, this might just do the trick to put a smile on your lover from the moment he/she wakes up.

Make sure you put in the work and don’t just make the ordinary scrambled eggs and toast. Try to be as creative as you can on this one and make sure the presentation warrants Instagram pictures.

For those who do not know their way around the kitchen, make sure you have enough data to go on YouTube where you can easily get professional help.

  1. Make lunch or dinner together

When was the last time you and your partner cooked a meal together? I bet a sizable number of people reading this will say never.

I am sure we have established that going to eat out at some fancy restaurant is out of the question so why not make that fancy meal you usually pay for.

To make it a bit more fun and challenging, try cooking a fancy dish which you both have never attempted before.

Trust me, trying to follow those online tutorials step by step with your partner will definitely be a great deal of fun.

Even if the results are not on point, just the experience on its own will be refreshing.

  1. Order in

While restaurants are closed for sit-ins, most of them have been offering delivery services.

Considering that it’s a lockdown, most families have stuck to home cooked meals for the greater part but you can spice up your Valentine’s Day by ordering a meal from your lover’s favorite restaurant.

Sounds like a small gesture, but good food always does the trick for the greater part.

To make it even more interesting, make sure it’s a surprise and see the look on her face when the delivery guy arrives.

This one also applies to those who don’t stay with their partners.

  1. Valentine’s Movie marathon

Again, this sounds like a tired idea to many but it can actually work out with a bit of twerks here and there.

Make popcorn, open a bottle of wine or even pop that Champaign if you can afford, throw in that picnic setup in the lounge before you rush to press play.

Just set a different tone and create a romantic atmosphere so that you can both feel that Valentine’s vibe in the air.

  1. Play video games together

When it comes to video games, in most cases it’s just the boys and their FIFA or some very violent shooter.

If you have never played video games with your partner, why not rope her in on Valentine’s and teach her some moves.

It might actually end up being more fun than just sitting at home doing nothing.

  1. Surprise your man with flowers and chocolates

Sounds weird right? In most cases it’s the ladies who are on the receiving end of flowers and chocolates on the day.

While last year was a leap year and some lucky guys got to receive gifts, I doubt there are many guys who can confirm that they received flowers or chocolates.

Ladies, flip it a bit and buy your man those flowers and chocolates and see how he reacts. I bet he will not be posting that on Instagram but he will certainly appreciate the gesture.

The good part is that there are many florists and gift shops which have been advertising that they will be delivering on the day so you might not even have to go through the hustle of getting out of the house.

These are just a few ideas that we came up with and if there are more which you feel like we can add, let us know in the comment section. – 263Culture

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