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Madzibaba Gumbira Still Insane

Bindura’s Johanne Masowe WeChishanu prophet and leader Madzibaba Rakeni Gumbira of Chiwaridzo is yet to recover from mental instability following an unsanctioned three day prayer vigil on top of the prohibited and sacred Jeta Mountain.

Madzibaba Gumbira allegedly led eight of his congregants into the mountain an act which angered the mountain’s custodians leading him to being charged one beast and one goat for the breach.

Chief Masembura cautioned him to pay the admission of guilt fine as failure to meet the price would result in Madzibaba Rakeni remaining insane forever. 

Nhau/Indaba spoke to Chief Masembura today, who said the sect leader should have complied with his court’s order but he was expecting them back tomorrow after members of his church and family sought for more time over the weekend.

“His family and church members came over the weekend and told me that they have been raising funds for the beast and goat all along hence they did not come on the expected date last Thursday. They have said they are coming tomorrow,” he said.

The Chief’s traditional court alleges that the insane Madzibaba Gumbira sometime towards the end of last month led eight of his congregants into the mountain for a three day prayer session and tempered with traditional ornaments.

“Whilst in the mountain they trespassed into one of the sacred caves where he tempered with traditional ornaments he found there. He was supposed to have consulted me or other senior traditional leaders before he went there for some guidance,” Chief Masembura said.

On his initial appearance before the chief, Nhau/Indaba had the chance to observe Madzibaba Gumbira’s odd behaviour.

The self-styled prophet was hallucinating and continuously slamming himself against the ground during the appearance.

According to sources, his wife also began hallucinating the moment he arrived at his home and was still behaving oddly at the chief’s kraal.

In another shocking revelation, one of his followers, Madzibaba Wishmore Chivende narrated that during the course of their prayers they came across baboons and cattle on top of the mountain.

He stated that in one of the incidences that left them shocked, one of the cows they saw on top of the mountain managed to come to a fire place where they were seated and ate the ash before leaving without causing any incident. Nhau/Indaba

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